Thursday, January 30, 2014

FREE! Love pattern

   It has been waaay too long since I offered a free pattern.  While in Tucson I put the finishing touches on a little design I have been working on.  Here is a tutorial on just how "Love" was made.  At the very end will be a highlighted link so that you can go to scribed and download it for FREE!
Select your background fabric.
 Using a light source and with the pattern in reverse, trace all numbered hearts onto the paper side of a small piece of light weight steam a seam.
 Fuse the hearts to red wool with a hot iron.
 Center your background fabric over the design.  Peel the paper backing off the hearts and one at a time, position them, carefully move it to the iron and press into place.  Repeat until all 7 hearts are fused into place.  I do it this way because I use a heat removable transfer pen.
 Trace the balance of the design.  Back with a piece of muslin and place it in the 4" hoop.  You are ready to stitch.
 Follow pattern directions for embroidery stitches and colors.
 I added a running stitch all around my design.  The pattern will tell you to do this after it has been glued in place.  Follow the pattern directions.
 Once completed draw a cut line using the hoop as your guide.  
 You will need a 6" piece of ribbon or rick rack for a hanger.  I like that little polka dot!
 Trim away access fabric and press any wrinkles out of your embroidery.
 Use the fabri tac to hold the stitchery in place on the hoop and also to tack in the ribbon loop.
 Add the rest of the hoop and secure it in place.  You can trim away any of the ribbon that might be sticking out and any of the fabric from the back which might need trimming.
Hope you enjoy this little stitchery as much as I did making it.  I am hoping to do a series of them this year.  Here is a link to the downloadable PATTERN.   You will have to have a Face book account or register with scribed.  If anyone knows another way of putting patterns up on a blog where I can bypass this step I would love that tip!!


WoolenSails said...

That is a wonderful pattern and love how you did the heart border, would be nice as a larger candle mat too.


Sandy said...