Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Hook In" Show

  Yesterday the girls and I got up early and made the drive to Anaheim for a "Hook In".   Now I had no clue what a hook in was but I had been told that there would be wool for sale so of course I was on board.  Here is a sampling of the hooked rugs on display...
 The ladies will spend all afternoon "hooking", taking classes, socializing and shopping.
 All around the room inspiration was displayed.

 Somebody is already exhausted from too much fun.
 I really enjoyed seeing the works in progress.

 Everyone was talking about this piece that the lady had been working on for years.

 You can see the size and scope of this project as Jackie (our driver) helps to display it.
 There's Shirley our resident rug hooker and the lady who brought us all here.  
 Okay, so I found a few things.


paulette said...

SCORE!! Gorgeous wools!! And I loved the rugs in progress!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful rugs and beautiful designs.


marie said...

Beautiful rugs, I have already gone to the "other side" and have become a hooker. It is a welcome break from quilting. Love all that wool. I'm just trying to finish a rug before I start another, as I don't want as many UFO as I have in my quilting.

Ondrea said...

Amazing rugs and beautiful wool there. How inspirational!