Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shameless Self Promotion

Good Morning!  And it is a good morning.  I'm going to use this post as a way to shamelessly promote two of my designs.  The first and perhaps the most exciting for me is I have a design in the special 100 Anniversary edition of Quilt Mania.
Clicking the link above will take you to their page.  If you click on the issue 100 magazine and flip through the pages there you will see my "Both a Blessing" design, in modern fabrics.
This last little tid bit of promotion is for my "Celebrate the Holidays" BOM quilt.  The pattern is now available for sale on the Shabby Fabrics website!    If you get a chance check out the link to this design.
A big thank you again to all my supporters.  I really could not do this without you all.


Mary said...

How neat for you. Congratulations.

WoolenSails said...

Love the blessings piece, really nice saying and a fun spring piece.


Ondrea said...

Shameless self promotion? Why shouldn't you promote yourself on your own blog???? How wonderful being in the 100th edition of Quilt Mania, I love that mag and I love your design. I think I may need to take a peek of your BOM via that link. Thank you for showing us your beautuful work.

Vivian said...

I had used that same poem on the label of the first "Welcome" quilt I made for my home back in 2006. I recently viewed the preview for QM100 and when I saw your quilt my jaw dropped! I have plans to make a new "Welcome" quilt in the near future and immediately decided that 1) I have to buy that issue ASAP and 2)your piece will be my label block on the new quilt. Love it!

Sheri0807 said...

EVERY ONE OF US IS GIVING YOU A SHOUT OUT! How wonderful. I love that new pattern. I of course will have to get it. It is beautiful and rightly deserves to be in the magazine. How spring is that?