Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday, Fire and a Guild Meeting

 Good Morning,  I got back home sometime after midnight from speaking and vending out in Palmdale.  This was the High Country Quilters Guild monthly meeting and the ladies had invited me to share my story and set up my mini boutique.
 I had the address wrong and didn't arrive on site until 10 minutes prior to the meeting.  Still, Jackie and I got set up and seated within that time frame.  What an incredibly fun night and one I will remember for quite some time.   Meanwhile, Charlotte McKinnon sent me her completed version of my Seasonal Sentiments design.  Thank you Charlotte and great job!
I've begun the finishing touches on a new design tentatively called "Pumpkin Friends".

 This is really one of my favorite aspects of what I do, the choosing of colors and the laying out of the design.
Before I end I just want to make sure my quilting sisters south of me in San Diego know that our thoughts are with them as they battle these fires which are raging throughout the county.  I've already spoken to several of them and as you can guess they are on pins and needles waiting for some relief.  Many have already packed their cars...with quilts.

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