Thursday, December 4, 2014

Made in America

  We have so many choices these days for our gift giving experiences.  Last night I attended the first Christmas party of the year and we played that game where you open a gift and it can be stolen several times.  I made a mental note that the items most sought after were the handmade, homemade stitched or sewn gifts.  If you are looking for a made in America, handmade gift item I have listed some new quilts in my Etsy account.
 Reasonably priced and all handmade, in new condition.  
 Also just listed my new Teachers Live pattern.  It retails for $6.00 and FREE shipping is available through the weekend on ALL items in my shop.
Did I mention FREE shipping on all Etsy items also?!!  

1 comment:

Kurt Schindler said...

Just love your new design. Being a former teacher, I know I would have loved to receive it as a present.