Friday, September 8, 2017

Show Update

   I'm not sure how many of you know that when I go do my shows I do them alone.  This isn't such a big task when its a small local quilt show but those long distance, week long shows really kick my a**.  Not only physically but mentally.  They become a stark reminder of the loss of my husband and how my life now is one of solitude.  I mention all of this now because back in June I  booked Houston Market and Festival.  I did so with a lot of trepidation.  In our industry this is THE show.   
   Last month I received some upsetting health news, news which explains how tired and weak I have been feeling for some time.   Yesterday I sent one of the hardest emails I have ever had to write...I cancelled my Houston contract.  Rose was so lovely and understanding, my friend Shawn who was co-driving and work sharing also, couldn't be more supportive.  This is the norm in this industry.  The support has always saved me when I've been at my worst.  
    Want to know something ironic?  Minutes after sending that email I heard from Road 2 California. After 5 years on the wait list I got a booth in the Ball Room!!!!!   Hours later, I heard from PIQF...also a booth became available!!!   
  So the message to everyone today is...follow your heart, trust your instincts.  
If any of you plan on attending either of these shows, please stop by and say hello.  
Take care,  Laural


Unknown said...

Hi Laurel,,, well, that just proves that you don't have to travel out of state to be involved in successful quilt shows,,,you can be right in CA and all will be great. I'm sorry to read about your health news and concern, but I know you will be okay.
Maybe the news came at this time to keep you in CA shows. When it seems like a door in closing, a new one is waiting to open and invite you to come in....
God's blessings and healing to you!! Keep calm and quilt on!!! Hugs, Debbie

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

I'm so sorry to read of your health issues. You have certainly had a load to carry for some time. I know how health can swing us from what is our normal life to something that just throws all "normal" right out the window! I know it all too well. We have had major health issues in our family and they are still there but we are finding a new "normal". I got a diagnosis two years ago that changed how I thought my life would go. But like you, and like Debbie in the previous comment said......when a door closes, another one opens. So true. I am excited about an upcoming trip that never would have happened if another door had not closed. And I came by your blog today because finally I am collecting the summer mystery blocks and if I'm lucky, I'll get started on them next Spring. I'm so glad that most of the blocks are still posted. Thank you for sharing your pattern. My best wishes that you are soon more rested and that you get to accept that space at Road to California!!

Charlotte said...

Hi Laurel,

Sorry to hear of your health problems - hope you are on the road to recovery. Lot of health issues in my extended family so I can definitely sympathize with you.

I am exited for you to be accepted to the 2 CA shows. I haven't attended Road in several years but hope to do so in 2018. I will definitely look you up.

Best wishes,