Friday, October 7, 2011

New Pattern News

   Good Morning oops, afternoon.  You'll have to excuse my lateness as I took a mental health half day.   I teased you Wednesday with a written description of a new pattern.  Well it is complete and ready to share.
Start pulling out your 30's fabrics.  Scraps are more than adequate.
I used an old cutter quilt, that has been laying around here for ages, as my center.  It was incredibly difficult to sew through but I do love the look that results.
Working out the specks on the border blocks was quite fun as was working with 30's fabrics.  I have always wanted to do something with them but never knew what.
#363 Quilt Quote  $7.00 pattern
  I'm always asking for the opinions of my two biggest supporters...
They don't seem very impressed.  Have a peace filled weekend.  Laural 


Anonymous said...

Love that quote and I love how you incorporated it into the quilt. Well done.


Anonymous said...

What a great walk down memory lane. Great booth!