Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trunk Show

  The weekend is over and I can't beleive I almost forgot to post this.  I have another trunk show going on right now!  Kelly Ann's Quilting in Virginia is in the middle of her Quilt run and will be highlighting several of my samples.  Good luck Kelly Ann I hope it is a huge success.
Meanwhile I was going down memory lane this weekend and came across some of the photos of my old craft booth.
St. Johnsbury candles always a fave.
Considering I had two fairly small children at home I don't know how I got all of this done.
I used wool felt and stitched lampshade covers.  Ron would
make all of my bobbin lamps and wooden shelves.
Some of that stuff looks pretty good, maybe I should dust off a few of those things and make them new again.
Hand dipped tapers with homespun.
There's nothing like an old scale. 

Stay tuned as I'll be posting this months giveaway soon.  Hope your week ahead is filled with inspiration and relaxation.  Laural

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