Wednesday, February 8, 2012


   Besides more piecing of 1" squares on the new patterns I have a few quilts to put on the honey Q.  Sally has entrusted me with two small civil war quilts.  She wants a clover leaf on this one and I can see why.
 I'm still looking for a really good design to run up the center of a row of flying geese.
 I decided on a arc of feathers since I can do a continuous line at the top to the next red triangle.
 Lastly, this cute little baby quilt and I get to practice this circle design that I'm starting to really get the hang of.
 I'm going to need to keep my energy level up so its a good thing favorite daughter brought me back an early Valentine gift.
 Almost a dozen Krispy Kreme's!!  
Hey, if I had been driving the numbers in that box would have been reversed.

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