Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Run and A Class

   As previously mentioned we are in the midst of our quilt run.  One week down and one to go.  Since my Fat Quarters class with Julie Isa was this past Saturday I decided to hit a couple of the shops along the way.  But first our class began as usual with teacher making us yummy cupcakes.
I laid out my gingerbread basket block in the new and improved color way.  
 What could be wrong with a pink Christmas quilt?  
After class we ran a bit and I picked up this very sweet banner from the Fallbrook quilt shop.  It is from Sheri Berry Designs and will look adorable once it is cut apart and sewn.
Sorry we were so busy running that I didn't take any pictures of the shops.  But I did get some free goodies...patterns, fabric and inspiration.
With so many of our local shops closing it is more important than ever to support the quilt shops in your area.  So grab the girls, gas up the car and go on a run.  It doesn't have to be an official one, my mini run was just as much fun.  

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Bowbailey said...

I got the same banner in Fallbrook a few weeks ago! It just looked so fun! Love your gingerbread badket