Monday, March 18, 2013

Glendale Quilt Show part 1

  I'm Home!  The to-do list is quite long for this week but nothing is more important than sharing the quilts from this past weekends Glendale Quilt show.  It was my first time attending the show as a vendor, so early Saturday morning I snuck into the exhibit hall and gazed at the wonder on display. Enjoy...
"Not in My Martini" by Lucy Scinta
"Tuckered Out" by Barbara Cheeseman
"Dressie" by Delores Nettles
 You have to see the custom quilting up close on Delores's quilt.  
 I can't imagine the hours this took, but oh my what a lovely result she achieved.

"Justine" by Lelia Smith
"Licorice Allsorts" by Marva Packe
"Kaleidoscope of color" by Lois Campise
"Bright Stars" by Unknown
"Double Burgoyne Surrounded Variation"
by Janet Stevenson
"9 Patch Nightmare" by Craig Coleman

That's part one.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the show.  It's good to be home even if the dog is having diarrhea issues, just her way of saying "mom I missed you".

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