Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Share Day

   I'm very excited for this Labor Day weekend, you see the girls and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a quilting retreat up in Big Bear!   We went last year and I got so much sewing done, but this year I will be vending at the Mountain Treasures XXVI Quilt Show.  So probably not too many projects will get completed but I'm hopeful??  Meanwhile there were a few posts I meant to make and never got around to it.  First Donna shared a quilt she has been working on for years.
Great Job Girl!!

 My outdoor booth at the Behind the Picket Fence show.  Love all the Americana Stacy, Susan, Jackie and I made for this show.  
 These shows are the best way to see my hand dyed wools, pattern/kit combos, pincushions and quilts for sale.  The scrappy quilt on the table was hand pieced by my Great Granny.  I love taking a bit of the family traditions with me when I'm out of town 
 This is the quilt that the Yorba Linda guild is selling raffle tickets for.  I cannot begin to guess the amount of hours these ladies have put into this incredible piece of work.
My "Words to Live By" is back from the magazine and will be on display for your inspection.  I forgot how much fun it was to make this quilt and seeing it in person makes all the difference.  Have a lovely weekend and if you get a chance, and are up in my neck of the woods, stop by my booth and say hello.

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debbie yanta said...

Where in Big Bear is the quilt show???