Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Funky Binding

   What keeps me busy as the new year begins is designing.  While working on a new piece, which I have titled "Sharon's Star", I found myself in a quandary.  This design has a binding which has points and valleys.  Now the points are not the issue but those valleys, well they gave me so many problems that I had to consult with three other quilters (thank you Stacy, Linda and Sheryl!!) .  The pattern is now written up and on my website but I thought it would be a good idea to do a tutorial on the process.  Begin with making bias binding.  It certainly made the curves on the corners go much smoother.
 Each point of the quilt, and there are 6, will be sewn in the same manner you use when you turn any corner of a quilt.  I stop 1/4" from the edge and sew a diagonal line to the tip.
 Lift needle, fold binding up and back down
  Continue sewing.
 When you reach the valley stop stitching about 1" from the seam and make a fold in your binding which lines up to that seam.
 Fold binding back down approximately 1/4" tuck.
 Hold in place and continue sewing binding.  When you hit that center seam pivot slightly to continue sewing down binding.
 Your tuck should look like this when you take a peak at it.
I hope this is helpful.  If you have your own tips for these types of "funky bindings" please feel free to comment.  Here's the 34" finished quilt.
#390 Sharon's Star pattern $7.00


LesQuilts said...

Thank you for this tutorial and all you do! I avoid this type of edging and thus the binding, but it may come up in my quilting future! Thx, Leslie

laura b said...

I am with the above comment. I too have no luck on multiple edge binding. These pics help a lot. I also don't see a diagonal line at the corner miter. Ian just fold it at a 45 angle and continue on. Will try that